The Process

Daunted by the process of building a new home? Of course there are a great number of decisions to be made but Garry Builders can help. Instead of feeling stressed, why not get creative, feel energized and be confident you are getting exactly what you envision.

With so many suppliers and products available, a serious time commitment is necessary to create the look you want, within your budget. We will guide you through decisions at a pace that allows you time to think.

The first step to realizing your dream home is having plans drawn up. We can refer you to a draftsman  or you might already have blueprints in hand.

Next we will prepare building specifications and a budget based on those plans. These initial specifications are for estimating only – a starting point. You will have the freedom to choose finishes and building products without penalty.

In the form of a spreadsheet, your budget shows estimated costs broken down for each element of construction.

Each invoice is accompanied with your original budget, as well as costs to date and a projection of the final cost. This detail allows you to prioritize; we recognize that a custom home not only has to fit your lifestyle but your budget as well.



As your home begins to take shape, the ideas and priorities you had on paper may change.  We will work with you to ensure results are both a true reflection of your family and cost effective. We do not have a surcharge for changes.  

We have found the transparency of this system allows our customers the greatest flexibility in building a custom home. 

Still looking for peace of mind? Visit as often as you like - it is your home after all.

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